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Welcome to Ha Long Bay

Legend of HaLong Bay

 The Natural Wonder of the World

Halong Bay VietnamHaLong ! A marvel of the earth erected towards the high skies.  HaLong means ''Where the Dragon Descends   into the Sea"
 Once upon a time..

During the old time when the Land was newly formed, Vietnamese had to fight against very fierce invaders coming from the North ,they wanted to occupy the country named Vietnam. Luckily, Jade Emperor felt sorry for humankind here ,he sent Dragon Mother with her children to this land for helping people to sweep away the invaders. Dragon Mother and her children blow gems and pearls which became into thousand of islands. Some of islands linked... Learn more

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How to get there How to get there

Thanks to it's famousness, HaLong Bay is saccessible from everywhere in the world. You can visit halong bay by Car, Seaplanes or from international cruise...

Best time to visit Best time to visit

Halong tour vietnam share halong bay weather information and advise choose the best time to visit Halong bay, bring perfect holiday to you after halong bay tour

Things to know Things to know

For exciting and unforgetable tours in Halong bay, Halongtourvietnam.org are happy to share you essential tips before booking halong bay tour in Vietnam

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