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Ba Mun Island is one of few large islands within the Bai Tu Long National Park (the park have over 40 islands with different sizes), in the Quang Ninh province, 200 kilometers away from the capital city of Hanoi to the East.

Ba Mun Island or also called as Cao Lo Island is about 1800 hectares and is 20 kilometers long, with the highest point is the tip of the Quit mountain of 397 meters in height. The island is home to many different species of plants and animals, a lot of them are considered rare and are on the verge of extinction. Also, many trees on the island are so old that they have grown so long that even four men cannot fully hug the base of the tree, and thanks to the vegetation present on the island, the forest of Ba Mun was officially recognized as the national forest of Bai Tu Long. And the life presence in the Isle is only a part when compared the national park with possessing over 178 marine creatures within its area of 15,783 hectares.

ba mun island
     To get to the island, visitors have to go by boat and it doesn’t take that long, in fact, if you travel on a speed boat and set off in Cai Rong dock, it would only bring you about 40 minutes to get there. And even though what mostly presents on Ba Mun and other islands within the national park are natural wildlife and small human impact, it is still a very attractive destination to those who love to blend in with the nature and a bit of adventure in their holidays. When arrived on the island, there are a lot for you to see, as it would take about 3 days to do a whole tour of the island on foot. And there are many different routes to take, usually are the trails used by forest patrols and if there are any case that you require assistance, there is also a medical station on the island that rescues wild animals in distress. There are many fascinating things about Ba Mun island that would satisfy any curious visitors so why not give it a try and visit it for once? Just remember to prepare what you need, though.

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