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Cong Tay is a beautiful island located in Bai Tu Long Bay, 40 kilometers away from Bai Chay docks. The tourism services on the island are always being improved every day, making it a stop contender compared to the other islands in Ha Long Bay with top rating hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. 


All of these are located just right next to the beach, connect with red tiles paved roads decorated with plants such as the cute looking palm trees. It is a fact that the improvement on the island will not stop anytime soon as the island is within the protective section of Ha Long bay which makes it in favor with tourism development.
     The another interesting part of the island is its richness in culture and history as it was part of the extensive Van Don Docks system which allows an enormous amount of goods being imported and exported out of Vietnam, which was one of essential infrastructures in the thriving country. The remnants of what used to be vast and busy docks are pieces of pottery and goods that used to be shipped in and out are found throughout the shoreline of Cong Tay and its neighboring island, Cong Dong. On the map, these two islands look just like a sandwich, pointing east, with a sizable waterway in between, making it very suitable for a docking system. 

cong tay island

The docks are not the only historical remnants which date back hundreds of years ago; there are also five ancient temples, the Lam temple, Cat Temple, Vung Chuong Bo temple, Trong temple and the Vung Cay Queo temple and an old stupa that was built in the Tran Dynasty. Every cultural building listed above are here all thanks to the docks, for which they were established to fulfill the cultural and religious needs of the traders and their sailors.
     Cong Tay is both undeniably a thriving star in the world of tourism as it would soon possess one of the best services available in the Bay and it is also a cultural and historical vibrant location that once held a vital importance.

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