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Bo Nau Cave

  •   29/03/2017
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Bo Nau Cave or Bo Nong Cave (Pelican Cave) is a beautiful limestone cave located 13 kilometers away from Bai Chay docks, in Ha Long Bay. Due to the fact that pelicans love to hang out at the cave, the local people call it Bo Nong Cave but due to the local pronunciation, they call it Bo Nau Cave instead

The cave is surrounded by many other well-known caves like the Sung Sot Cave, Trong Cave, Luon Cave, and even the Ti Top island. Bo Nau Cave is known to be wide but not deep, being very spacious for visitors to walk around and enjoy the inner beauty of it, and by saying spacious, the surface area alone is 200 square meters, which is quite convenient and interesting for a little picnic. The most important and special thing though is that it is barely, if not untouched by man, which is an aspect that helps it shine just a little bit brighter among the other stars of being attractive holiday destination within Ha Long Bay. Arriving upon the entrance, visitors would find a particularly fascinating formation of limestone that kind of representing 3 men all gathering up and enjoy a game of chess.

Going further in, past the entrance, and you would be greeted with quite a stunning scenery of stalactites, long and short ones growing vertically downwards and stalagmites growing out of the ground all mixing and assisting each other to be even more beautiful, and somewhat pointy… Another interesting fact is that, it was a usual stop as a resupply checkpoint for the famous “Numberless Fleet” in the war against the US invasion. Who would have thought a cave, named by locals for seeing a bunch of pelicans would have had such a historical richness and such an importance in the past. Like all other gorgeous locations anywhere on Earth, words alone cannot fully describe the beauty of it, so don’t think so much, and just try to get yourself a chance to come and witness its beauty for yourself.


Source: Halong Bay Tours Organization


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