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In fact Co To is an archipelago east of the Van Don Island district of Quang Ninh province. In terms of territorial administration, Co To archipelago is Co To district: area 46.2 km; population over 33,900 people.

The ancient name of Co To is Chang Son Mountain. In ancient times near Chang Mountain there was a wharf for the boats of fishermen in the northeastern region of North Viet Nam. The main terrain of Co To is largely mountains and hills. On Thanh Lan Island there is a mountain peak 210 meters in height. The meteorological station on Co To Island is located at the altitude of over 160 meters in height. The central part of the islands is elevated and surrounded by low mountains, hills and narrow fields. At the margin of the islands are located small sand grounds and harbor. The land mainly is composed of feralite soil lying on stone sand. Forests comprise 2,200 hectares. Agricultural land consists of 771 hectares ( occupying 20% of the natural land area), half of which may be used for rice and other crops. The other half may be used for fruit trees and grazing cattle. 


Co To has few rivers and streams so people have built 11 small artificial lakes on the islands. There are underground streams with abundant clean water. Flora species on the islands are rather diversified. Natural forests are various with many kinds of precious wood. There is plenty of rattan. The main trees in the planted forests are eucalyptus, casuarinas and horsetail pine. The oranges, mandarins and bananas of Thanh Lan Island are famous across the whole province. There are lots of valuable herbs such as ocimum gratissmum linn, ruellia tuberosa and ricinus communis. In the old times there were many forest animals. Now on Thanh Lan Island live a shoal of nearly 100 yellow monkeys and lots of other valuable animals.

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