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Dark Bright Cave

  •   29/03/2017
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Dark Bright Cave - Being among one of the many beautiful destinations in Lan Ha Bay, which is also called as “the Forgotten Paradise” is the Dark and Bright Cave, a poetic and stunning location that acts as an access way to a beautifully tranquil lake, surrounded by walls of stones in different scales and sizes.

When we first introduced this the Dark and Bright Cave, it sounded like it is just one location, but it’s not, the Dark Cave is quite long and dark, requiring visitors to be equipped with flashlights so that they can enter and go through, although lacking in lighting, it makes up for its mysterious beauty. The Bright Cave, on the other hand, is the complete opposite, it is short and is well lit up by the sunlight, passing through holes and gaps in the rock walls and ceiling, making up very beautiful to go through as the water surface gently glitters under the sunlight. The best way to go through these two caves that are most enjoyable is by kayaking, imagine yourself do rowing through the waves and enter these arched entrances, rowing through the caves as you feast your eyes on the impressive stone walls that surround you until you can witness the best part of the trip, the stunning lake that both grottos lead to. 

Even though the matter of timing is essential in order to have an amazing experience through the caves as the water level changes dramatically as the tides shifts but that doesn’t seem to be able to stop anyone from visiting the location and make themselves a forgettable trip and even hunt a few rare and special photographs. So when coming to Ha Long Bay, don’t just look at a few shining locations here and there, look thoroughly and give destinations such as the Dark and Bright Cave a try, as you might surprise yourself to quite a bit when you see the true beauty for your own eyes and not through just words nor pictures.


Source: Halong Bay Cave Information


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