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When people are mentioning about the province of Quang Ninh, it is not surprising that what comes to their mind are the astonishingly beautiful Ha Long Bay and other popular destinations, but there is this little, tiny gem that is just waiting to be noticed.


The small island of Ngoc Vung is roughly 45 square kilometers in diameter and got it name thanks to its natural feature; the island is home to many rare oysters that produces gorgeous pearls. Nowadays, fish farming is a booming business on Ngoc Vung. Also, the island is self-sustained with its farms of rice, vegetables, shrimps, fishes, etc.
     When visiting the island, the best window is the summer time, and best to avoid September, October and within the winter time for it is common for storms and rough seas to occur which would force ships to prevent the area, which could end your vacation here, right at the start.
     Another fact about the island is that tourism is yet to be developed properly in the isle, so aside from the local services, a few inns, and motels, it’s going to be the peaceful life on the island as there are only 1000 people there. 

The breath-taking nature and the fantastic local seafood to make you amazed. The activities that you can do on the island are not that full to choose from, but that doesn’t mean the trip here is anywhere near to being the opposite of entertaining and enjoyable. As camping out in the open, enjoying the local delicacies with your friends around a campfire on the beach under the stars, enjoying the cool breeze from the winds under the warm sunlight, etc. Experience all that on this holiday paradise and then you won’t be able ever to say no to Ngoc Vung ever again as the place is truly a gem once you get to experience all the fun that it have to offer. And maybe, the next time that you visit Ngoc Vung, you would be greeted to an entirely different island as tourism services are steadily improving.

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