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Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach is the beautiful and small island, located in the southwest of Halong bay. Soi Sim Islet is a small soil island in the southwest of Halong Bay. It's about 12 kilometers far from Bai Chay tourist wharf and about 700 meters from Ti Top Island.

Explaining for the name “Soi Sim”, the locals said that in the past, the major plant on the island was Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (called “sim” in Vietnamese). Therefore, the island was named after that plant, “Soi Sim”.

Soi Sim Islet has an area of 8.7 ha. On the island, there are two 200-meter hills covered by a green primeval forest. This primeval forest is home to many species of flora, especially endemic plants. This is the result of thousands of years isolated from the mainland.

Coming to Soi Sim Islet, tourists will be impressed by peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of green primeval forest and blue sea. There are two charming beaches on the island with white sand and clear seawater. These are the preferred beaches of tourists on the holiday on Halong Bay. Moreover, from the top of the hills on Soi Sim Islet, tourists will have great views to the spectacular scenery of Halong Bay.

Recently, Soi Sim Islet is received more regards in developing tourism. Halong Bay Management Board set up a plan to planning the island to be an eco-tourist site which brings both economic interest and value of preservation. In the near future, Soi Sim Islet will become an attractive holiday resort right in the center of Halong Bay, the World Natural Heritage.

Being a almost highest island and having easy path to top to enjoy the landscape of ha long bay that why it ís busy all the time so i think that best time to see soi sim island at summer time at early in morning and late after noon, after climbing up to top of mountain to catch sunrise or sun set you might be hot hence foot of mountain serving you a beautiful and clean sand beach to help you relax

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