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The island connects to a legend of about the romantic love between a youngest fairy who was very pretty with a young and poor fisherman. Because of feeling in love with him, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him, that if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever. The King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.

There are many beautiful beaches in Halong Bay such as Titop, Bai Chay, Tuan Chau, Soi Sim, etc…However I think Three Peaches beach (Ba Trai Dao) is the most beautiful beach and it is located in Lan Ha bay.

The local residents of Halong Bay now still tell the old story about the origination of Ba Trai Dao Islet. Story has it that the youngest daughter of the God fell in love with a poor fisherman.  As she wanted him to be immortal to be with her forever, she stole three peaches in the heaven for him. The God noticed and was very angry. He turned three peaches into three stone mountains on the sea. Therefore, the locals named the islet as “Ba Trai Dao” Islet (Three Peaches Islet).

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The islet is a group of three small mountains which look like three peaches from a far. The average height of three mountains is 23 meters. It’s featured with Three Peaches Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches on Halong Bay. The beach has the shape of a bow embracing the islet. However, tourists just can swim at the beach in about 2 – 3 hours a day because the tide rises and engulfs the beach.

It is far 22 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf to the Southeast. By speedboat, it takes about an hour from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. The best way to visit Three Peach beach is join in 3 days 2 nights tour with V’Spirit Cruises. You will have chance to swimming, kayaking or sightseeing at this amazing beach. This place is not too crowded so you can extremely enjoy the natural beauty and feel relaxing the most.

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Nowadays, Three Peaches Islet becomes a famous tourist destination known for its beautiful natural beaches. Not only natural scenes beaches Three Peaches also have fine white sand blue sea. On sunny days, visitors can see the bottom of the water. Compared to other beaches on Ha Long Bay, Three Peaches Beach has shallower water. The cliff above the beach creates strange shapes which make visitors extremely excited to come here to take photo of this impressive scenic beauty. The combination of the mountains, the white sand and the ocean gives this spot an unprecedented romantic landscape. 

Three Peaches beach is a place famous for its beautiful beaches and charming landscapes. Today, it is one of the ideal tourist destinations of Ha Long Bay.

The best way to visit Three peach beach is book Halong Bay Cruise Tours with 3 days itinerary and we will come there on the seconday. At three peach beach, you can swimming, kayaking or sunbathing on the nice beach, you will have free time and free style to relax or explore small lagoon by yourself or with the partner.

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