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Tra Co Beach

tra co beach

Tra Co Beach, shaped like a ring, is seven kilometers from Mong Cai. The coast of Tra Co stretches for 17 kilometers from the Got headland in the north to the Ngoc headland in the south. It is known as '' the most poetic beach in Viet Nam''. The beach is wide and flat. Blue waves confront the fine white sand.

Rows of trees are green all year long. Tra Co is regarded as a countryside teenage girl with a hidden beauty. It is lacated distant from cities, industrial zones and sports so it has a cool climate. Airspace here is calm and somewhat mild. Tra Co Beach is actually located on the outer edge of an island formed by natural silt brought by coastal currents and waves. So along the coast are sand dunes three to four meters in height. Hamlets and villages are crowded in Tra Co with inhabitants living on agriculture and fishing. Close to the coastline are lengthy shady casuarina forests keeping the sand from being washed away. Nearby are mangrove forests.

traco beach

Tra Co has the Cong Mang site where sunrise and sunset are very romantic. It is located six kilometers from Tra Co. the fine sand on the beach is so solid that people can drive move motobikes on it without being afraind of subsidence or slipping.

 The territorial head of the Fatherland of Viet Nam is located near Con Mang. It is the Sa Vi headland. "The shape of the letter S" of the country of Viet Nam starts from Sa Vi headland. The scenery here is beautiful and poetic.

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