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Tran Island

It is located in the territory of Coto district, about 30 kilometers from the coasline of Quang Ninh province. Area: 4.465 km2 . This island adopts a very important strategic position in Bac Bo Gulf and is and outpost in the northeast region of North Vietnam

The climate is tropical, monsoon and oceanic. The northern monsoon has much influence on the geographical location and natural conditions of this island. Howerver, sudden storms and great winds ( accompanied by much rain) often occur, seriously harming the forest ecology and coral reefs of the island. Though now people do not live officially on the island, hundreds of residents who are soldiers, workers and fishermen are frequently present on it.

Tran Island is small. The part of coral reefs around the island is narrow, so solid coral is available only at the depth of 5 meters of the sea. the coral part in the north of the island is still preserved intact and constitutes 87.5% of the total coral of the island. Halophila ovalis and Cymodocea rotunda are the two most predominant sea grass types. The pearl in the sea of Tran Island should be protected because it is listed in the Red Book. Land flora and fauna comprise 241 species, including 182 plant species ( Of 166 genera and 86 families and 59 animal species of four classes).

 In 1999, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment proposed that Tran Island be one of the sea conservation areas of Viet Nam to be managed by the Ministry of Fisheries. As reported, the conservation area of Tran Island is divided into two zones ( the core zone and buffer zone). The core zone embraces the entire island and the surrounding water area of six meters in width. The buffer zone, 452 hectares in area, is located at the edge of the core zone. Thus, functional bodies, levels and branches should provide guidelines to protect the ecosystems and natural resources of Tran Island.

Author: Khong Minh

Source: Halongtourvietnam.org

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