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Tuan Chau Island

Tuan chau island

Tuan Chau is the single island located in the Ha Long Heritage Zone. It is not only a scenic spot, but also a historical spot of Viet Nam. President Ho Chi Minh had chosen Tuan Chau as a resting place for himself and other high ranking leaders of the state and government during his visit to the island in 1979

The area of Tuan Chau is about 400 hectares. But in accordance with planning it will be expanded to 675 hectares. Tuan Chau is located on very favorable waterways and land routes; two kilometers from the 18 A National Highway which is an important artery in the " triangle of economic development" with Hanoi City, Hai Phong City and Quang Ninh province as the three apex points.

             Tuan Chau Island

 The name Tuan Chau means " guarded by the district governor's soldiers". In feudal times on this island there was a post of military guards of a governor who patrolled and protected the sea boundary area. Before 1999, the infrastrcture on the island was very obsolete and poor : there was no electricity, no clean water and mechanized transport. There were only old tracks on the island. Tuan Chau barely was a poor island commune managed by Ha Long City, where people were mostly living on fishing with very primitive fishing means. The cultural and spiritual life of the people therefore was low.

 Tuan Chau now is famous in Viet Nam and abroad for projects that are the inevitable characteristics of tourist tours. Such projects are : the club of seals, dolphins and sea lions; sites for song and dance performances and fashion shows.

   The club of Seals and dolphins

The club of crocodiles; artificial beaches; the zone of Vietnamese culinary establishments; private residences; 5 star hotel; the zone of water entertainments like parasailing and jet ski; the park of water music with laser lights; movies with water screen, first shown in Viet Nam. Tuan Chau also provides ships, canoe and helicopter services for tourist tours to Ha Long Bay.

Water music with laser lights



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