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Wooden Stake Cave

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Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave) was found on the same name island, about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay wharf, Halong. This is the biggest and also the ...Let's Discuss. Dau Go Cave in Halong Bay · Dau Go Cave in Halon... Dau Go Cave. Most Voted Post. dau go cave a beautiful cave · Dau Go Cave ...

Floating on the emerald water, Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stake Cave) is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in Halong Bay. Inside Dau Go Cave, tourists will find a very interesting cave. It's name came intobeing when General Tran Hung Dao of the Tran dynasty commanded the army to gather and hide in it wooden stake which later were driven into the bed of the Bach Dang River to form a ground of stakes. Impaled hard on the wooden stakes, the Yuan-Mongol ships were easily burned and destroyed in spring 1288. Archaeologists also found lots of residual pieces of logs in the Cave.

dau go cave

The entrance of Dau Go Cave is a hole in the middle of a cliff. The inside of the cave is divided into three main conpartments. The outer compartment is domed and full of light. It's ceiling is like a giant picture with lively scenes of wild elephants, staring deer and lions sitting in dynamic postures. Below the ceiling is a whole forest of multi-colored and multi-shaped stalagmites. A huge stone pillar of a perimeter of over ten meters stands in the middle of the cave. From the pedestal to the capital of the column are images of clouds, phoenixes, dragons, dancers, flowers and vines. The first compartment is connected with the second compartment through a narrow gate. Rock paintings in the second compartment are more sparkling. In the cave's dim light clusters of rock flowers seem to appear or vanish in a flas. At the end of the cave lies a well of fresh water and rock images seemingly depicting a fierce battle.

wooden head cave

Đầu Gỗ Cave is proudly listed in the world famous tourism book Merveille de Monde published in France in 1938, which presents the most beautiful and worth visiting tourist attractions in the world, including Đầu Gỗ Cave under the name “Grotte des marveilles” (Cave of Wonders).

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