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Since decades ago, relations between Vietnam and other countries have developed rapidly in all areas and aspects, especially tourism. For all foreign visitors planning to visit Vietnam, having a valid passport and a visa is one of the prerequisites. Usually, these documents are issued by Vietnamese Embassies and Consulates or Vietnam Department of Immigration. However, nowadays the process of issuing the tourist visas can also be completed by some overseas offices of Vietnam Tourism and Vietnam Airlines, which has made it easier for travelers to make their trip abroad

What a visa is

A visa is a certificate issued or a stamp marked on one’s passport for the purpose of indicating that he or she has been granted permission to temporarily stay in a foreign country within a given period of time. This type of document is vital to those who want to travel abroad because it opens the door for them to explore the huge astonishing world around. 

Visa application

In order to get the Vietnam Visa, you should be well-prepared for what you need such as your application, a passport, two standard passport photos and the required fee. You can choose to apply for a visa either via a Vietnamese embassy or consulate around the world or via online visa agents.

When obtaining visas through Vietnamese embassies and consulates, the fees are normally higher and the process can be slow. It may take you from three days to a week to get the Vietnamese visa issued.

An alternative for those who do not either have much time or want to part with their passport by sending it away to the embassy is to apply for the visa via online visa agents. The process involves your participation in filling in an online application form and paying the fee. The visa agents which already got the permission from Vietnamese government to collect passport details, then, will provide you with a Visa on Arrival approval letter signed by Vietnamese immigration via email. What you need to do is to print it out and show on arrival to receive the visa stamp on entry to a Vietnamese airport. This method is now very popular among travelers arriving by air because it is cheap, convenient and time-efficient. Nevertheless, it will not be a choice if you travel by land or sea.

Notably, citizens of several countries do not need to apply in advance for a Vietnamese visa, so remember to double-check visa requirements before you travel in case policies change.

Processing time and fee

The Vietnamese visa processing time varies from country to country. Normally, it takes from three to seven days to complete the Vietnamese visa, depending on which country you come from.

Regarding the fee to apply for a visa, a single-entry 30-day visa costs US$20 and a three-month multiple entry ones is US$70. You may need to check carefully for the updated information and rules from the government.

Duration and number of entries

Basically, tourist visas are valid for thirty or ninety days. If you want to extend the visa validity time, a thirty-day extension can be done at the Vietnam Department of Immigration Office or a Vietnamese Travel Agency within 3 days only. In practice, extensions work most smoothly in big cities like HCMC, Hanoi, Danang and Hue.

In terms of visa entry, you can choose between a single entry and multiple ones.

A single entry visa which costs US$20 is for those yet having no intention to come back to Vietnam. On the contrary, those planning to leave and come back to Vietnam can apply for a multiple entry visas. In this case, you may need to clearly state your plan, including your intended ports of arrival and departure and an expected date of travel.

Additional tips

Being drawn from experiences of many visitors to Vietnam, these tips and advice are expected to help you avoid related problems.

1.    As it takes quite a long time to apply for a passport  and a visa, be well-prepared in advance. In order to visit Vietnam, you need to have a passport being valid for at least a month from the date of exiting the country and normally the airline will require your passport to be valid for six months upon arrival in Vietnam. Hence, make sure that you spend enough time preparing for your documents. In case you already got a passport but it is about to expire, it is really necessary that you get a new one before applying for your visa in order to avoid unexpected problems at the airport.

2.    To avoid getting into any troubles when staying in the country, it is highly suggested that you keep your passport at your elbow as long as you stay there despite the fact that it is unlikely that you will be stopped by the police.

3.    In Vietnam, you do not need a transit visa because you can check in your following flight by an onward flight ticket.


A valid passport and a visa are required for all foreigners visiting Vietnam. Vietnam Visas are issued by Vietnamese embassies and consulates or Vietnam Department of Immigration. Some overseas offices of Vietnam Tourism and Vietnam Airlines are able to issue tourist visas.

Nationality Visa Required Entry Requirements
Australia YES Passport and entry visa
Canada YES Passport and entry visa
Germany NO Passport and return ticket
France NO Passport and return ticket
Sweden, Denmark, Finland NO Passport and return ticket
UK NO Passport and return ticket
US YES Passport and entry visa

* For more details on passport and visa requirement of other nationalities, select the specific nationalities from the drop-down list above

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