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Finding out Halong bay, a place of focused biodiversity because it's climate, geology and geomorphology are special. The prominent components of biodiversity in HaLong Bay are the ecosystem of evergreen rainy humid tropical forest and the ecosystem of sea and coastline. Among thousands of animal and plant species densely living in Halong Bay 

Cultural and historical values

Cultural and historical values

Halong was also the cradle of ancient people who helped create the present HaLong culture. At the end of 1937, a Swedish archaeologist named Anderson, together with two French archaeologist...

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archaeologic halong bay

Halong! A site for archaeologists

In 1937 Mr Vu Xuan Tao discovered by chance a stone axe on Ngoc Vung Island, which aroused much interest of contemporary French archaeologists. This fact showed that Ha Long was not only a natura...

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Ecosystem in Halong bay

Closed triopical rain forests on the islands of Halong bay make up an ecosystem that is evergreen and humid. It features a richness of plant species (over 1000 species in total). The plant...

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Halong Bay

Natural beauty of Halong bay

Speaking of Halong, one must above all talk of the beaty of its stone, water and sky. In a relatively small area, there are various islands and islets forming some legendary world of stone islands....

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halong bay

Outstanding universal values

Halong Bay is a a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature, comprises of a multitude of limestone islands and islets with variety of sizes and shapes rising from the sea. The outstanding features...

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halong bay in fact

Facts of HaLong Bay

Halong Bay has great potential for tourism and scientific research. Fishing, farming and waterways can be developed in Halong Bay. This great potential of Halong Bay is important for the northeast...

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Halong Geology

The geological formation of Halong Bay

Finding out Halong Bay Geology, since ancient times the Vietnamese people have associated Halong Bay with national origin of the Dragon and the Nymph. At the beginning of the Cambrian era (500 to...

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