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Halong Bay is a a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature, comprises of a multitude of limestone islands and islets with variety of sizes and shapes rising from the sea. The outstanding features of Halong Bay include the magnificent towering limestone pillars ad associated notches, arches and caves.

Which are exceptionally well-developed and among the best presented of their type in the world. The repeated regression and transgression of the sea on the lime stone karst over geological time have produced a mature landscape of clusters of conical peaks and isolated towers. Halong Bay also displays the full range of karst formation processes on a very large scale and over a very long period of geological time, possessing the most complete and extensive example of its type in the world and providing a unique and extensive reservoir of data for the future understanding of geoclimatic history and the nature of karst processes in a complex environment.


Besides, Halong's exceptional scenic beauty is complemented by its great biological interest. Halong also has been proven by scientests to be one of the first cradles of human existence in the area with several archaeological sites. With such special values, at the 18th  Session of UNESCO's council of world heritage held on 17 December 1994 in Thailand, Halong Bay was officially place on the list of the World Natural Heritage. In 2000, UNESCO recognized it as the World Heritage for the second time for its geographical and geomorphologic values. This confirms the global premmier value of Halong Bay.

Inadditon, Halong Bay has been recognize as one of 7 natural wonders of the world since 11 November 2011













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