Cong Do Island

cong do island

cong do island

Within the entire area of Ha Long Bay, there are a lot of islands on it; it is 1,969 islands of different sizes distributed all over the bay to be accurate. And the numbers of them that had developed for the tourism industry is tiny when compared to the figures of islands that are still unpopular yet if not completely unknown to tourists, and one of them is a beautiful little paradise called Cong Do Island

The island is about 23.26 square kilometers, seems small, but everybody knows big things can come in small packages, means, Cong Do Island have lots of potentials to become a traditional and even “hot” tourist attraction destination.
     Firstly, the ecosystem here is amazingly diverse on such a small island with different types of plants, another notable thing about the island is that it have numbers of lakes, all are gorgeous. With Cong Do Lake being the most notable, with a total surface area of 5 hectares, with many different types of algae and fishes.
     Secondly, on the southwest side of the island is a sizeable coral reef that is 700 meters in length and 300 meters in width that contain many rare coral species and marine animals that life in them like sea horses, etc. An obvious bonus thing is that the reef here is utterly stunning, so it is very much to be expected that different form of diving services would soon be available.
     Thirdly, for those who likes a bit of historical factors in your holiday paradises, then maybe it would be interesting for you to know that Cong Do Island used to have an absolute importance when it comes to trading as there are still signs of the ancient commercial port of Van Don, which origin’s dates back to the Ly Dynasty, roughly a thousand year ago.
     For now, tourism on the island is still next to nothing and tourists that visit the island must face quite a hike through bushes to go to places like Cong Do Lake in the isle. But there are plans to develop ecotourism on the island so that tourists can still enjoy their holidays while preserving the local nature.

Author: Halong Bay Tour Operator