Dau Be Island

dau be island

dau be island

Being listed in one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Halong Bay, Dau Be Island is not a very sizable island which is mostly limestone. It’s about 22,863 square meters with the highest point of the island at the tip of a mountain that is 139 meters tall, but it has a lot to offer in its small package

Situated in the Lan Ha waterfront, 500 meters away from Hang Trai Island to the East and 28 kilometers away from Bai Chay Dock, the island is between Tra Ngu Island and Da Le Island, both of which are also quite popular with tourists.
     What makes this island destination become such a favorite spot for tourists are because it is just simply gorgeous. It has the tall limestone cliffs that look like a massive wall, withstanding the waves and time with interesting and beautiful shapes and looks that are changed every time you visit by the continuous waves and wind that crashes into it. Another reason is the fresh green nature that is still thriving on the island even though the island receives a lot of visitors with many types of plants and foliage.


Lastly and even perhaps the biggest reason why people can’t stop coming to here is the lakes on the island. There are six lakes on Dau Be Island with Dau Be Lake being the most notable, the biggest and most frequently visited lake by visitors. The only way to get into Dau Be Lake is by kayaking and another form of small boats while the tide is at its lowest as the water level would drop. And you can pass through Dau Be Cave which connects Dau Be Lake with the ocean and once enter; it is your choice to enjoy the island to your heart’s content. Because there are many many things that you can do, keep on kayaking around the lake and enjoy the magnificent view, or maybe leaving your transport and jump down into the water and let every inch of your body to feel the water, etc.

Author: Halong Bay Tours Operator