Heavenly Palace Cave

heaven cave

heaven cave

Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave) is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking caves in all of Ha Long Bay, located only 4 kilometers away from the harbor. The size of this beautiful cave is around 10.000 square meters, with its entrance located 25 meters above sea level

Upon entering, visitors would be astonished by the amazing and artistic picture of beautiful stalactites formed over time by the careful hands of nature. The hands of a man barely touch the stalactites, but there have been decorations, lights and even stairs built within the cave to assists and improve visitors experience when visiting the cave.  Aside from its beauty, there are also many tales and legends about the cave. 

thien cung cave

One says that it is the home to a dragon, which greatly aided the local people in their dire time of needs, from natural hardships and disasters and drought and flood to a full-scale invasion from other countries and even much more which carries a high amount of importance to the local people. It is not the only story that sticks with the cave and being able to listen to them might even intrigue you and your imagination? Just ask any Vietnamese within the local area or anyone who visits there, and they would tell you an interesting story or two that may even bring you some precious interactions that can make your holiday even better than just the spectacular scenery.


heaven palace cave

Being opened to the public on May 1st, 1998, Thien Cung Cave attracted a huge wave of visitors, which significantly boosted the tourism industry and make Ha Long Bay even brighter on the map as a holiday paradise. It is also the first cave to be worked on such a massive scale in Vietnam history. There have also been a few other occasions that it had some human touches, but the original beauty shape by nature is still there, people also know that there would be another scheduled event that the cave would receive some more human touches to preserve its current beauty.

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