Quan Lan Island

quan lan island

quan lan island

Quan Lan Island is a complete holiday destination package that contains all kinds of goodies tourists usually desire in their holidays as it contains beautiful beaches, comfortable and quite luxurious services and accommodations, historical and cultural richness, etc. 

The island is 1 hour and a half away from the city of Ha Long, the boat trip there would take you through the Bai Tu Long Bay which is breathtaking so you can absorb and enjoy the splendor while you wait for the vessel arrive
     Upon arriving on the Quan Lam Island, visitors would be greeted with a very familiar sight that they could also witness when visiting Thailand is that the taxis that available for you at the docks are Tuk Tuks, a three-wheeled motor-driven vehicle that is iconic on the island.


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The accommodation available on the island maybe isn’t five stars, but you can still find some decent hotels that are near to the beaches, another interesting choice for accommodation is homestay as many residences are now using such service to make a living, and many are very comfortable.
     There are a wide array of activities that you can do when visiting the island like having a huge campfire on the beach at night, having fun with your friends and even the local people while enjoying the best local grubs that Quan Lan have to offer! 


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Or maybe participating in many local people activities like going out to the seas to fish for fishes and inks, and perhaps cycling around the island as bicycle renting services is very common on the island, so why not a healthy exercise while seeing exotic and eye-catching sights around the Quan Lan?
     All in all, when it comes to luxury, Quan Lan isn’t precisely the place for the best luxurious services for the current moment, but it will be when the town grows as time passes on. But for now, the island sure does offer a whole lot as an adventure-like packed vacation destination with all sorts of goodies.


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Quan Lan has 3 beaches: Quan Lan Beach, Son Hao Beach and Minh Chau Beach. All three beaches have white sand and are quite pristine compared with other beaches near Halong Bay. Quan Lan Beach is the one that is closest to the pier yet also the most beautiful of all three. Go further into the island another 4km you will reach Son Hao and another 10km is Minh Chau beach.

Due to its remoteness, accommodation facility is slowly emerging in Quan Lan and the majority remains small hostels or homestays. They do not need to be booked in advance as they are readily available year round. Price varies from $10-40/room/night.

How to get there
You can get to Quan Lan either from Halong Bay or from Cai Rong Pier (near Cua Ong). Ferries from Halong would take about 1.5 hours while speedboat from Cai Rong pier takes about 45 minutes.

How to get around
Quan Lan remains a less motorized island than any others in Halong Bay area. To get around you can either rent a bicycle or take tuktuk (available for booking from most hostels).

Situated 15 km from Quan Lan Beach, the famous Minh Châu Beach is proud of its white sand which do not stick to one’s foot. Visitors can go to the camping site there to stay overnight. Tourists can go there via Cam Pha, crossing Tài Xá Ferry (near Cua Ông Temple), to Cái Rong Town. After this 9-km road, tourists catch a boat at Cái Rong Port. The trip to Quan Lan Island takes about 3 hours. On the way, one should visit some other islands for sightseeing. On reaching Minh Châu Beach in Quan Lan Island, tourists can enjoy swimming and taste delicious seafood.

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