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Halong Bay Vietnam

03:36 | 02/08/2016

Halong Bay is located in the West side of Northern Gulf and administratively belongs to the territory of Quang Ninh Province. Recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, Halong Bay became the pride of Vietnam’s natural beauty.

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Ha Long Bay Boat Tour Prices Announced

23:33 | 10/04/2016

The Department of Finance of northern Quang Ninh province has posted prices of boat tours and boat accommodation for visitors to Ha Long Bay. The prices are off-peak and may be subject to an increase of up to 30 per cent during peak periods, such as Saturdays, Sundays, holiday seasons and the tourist season.

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Halong! A site for archaeologists

04:34 | 15/09/2014

In 1937 Mr Vu Xuan Tao discovered by chance a stone axe on Ngoc Vung Island, which aroused much interest of contemporary French archaeologists. This fact showed that Ha Long was not only a natura wonder but also a cradle of prehestoric people. Works of French archaeologists then proved that stone tools, ceramic containers, stone and bone jewelry in Ha Long Bay dated from the late Neolithic era. The French scientists also said that archaeological sites in Ha Long Bay were of the Danhdola Culture ( Danhdola was the French name for Ngoc Vung Island



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