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Tran Island

12:34 | 18/07/2015

It is located in the territory of Coto district, about 30 kilometers from the coasline of Quang Ninh province. Area: 4.465 km2 . This island adopts a very important strategic position in Bac Bo Gulf and is and outpost in the northeast region of North Vietnam

ti top island halong

TiTop Island

14:22 | 07/06/2015

TiTop island is a Representation of deep gratitude expression of Vietnam to Russia, Where President Ho Chi Minh named following of Russian Astronaut TiTop.

bo hon island halongbay

Bo Hon Island

13:52 | 07/06/2015

Thanks to it's natural beauty of Halong Bay, Bo Hon Island become a must arrival in Halong Bay. Bo Hon means Soap-Berry Tree, this island is definitely worth mentioning. Visiting this place, not only discover hiden beauty of halong bay but also you have a great chance to find out many life of animal here

ba mun island halong bay

Ba Mun Island

13:39 | 07/06/2015

Like many other islands in Halong Bay Vietnam, Ba Mun Islandremains most of its natural sceneries and features, which make this place an awesome


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