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Three Peach Beach

09:58 | 10/07/2015

The island connects to a legend of about the romantic love between a youngest fairy who was very pretty with a young and poor fisherman. Because of feeling in love with him, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him, that if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever. The King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.

Ngoc Vung Island

13:39 | 10/06/2015

When people are mentioning about the province of Quang Ninh, it is not surprising that what comes to their mind are the astonishingly beautiful Ha Long Bay and other popular destinations, but there is this little, tiny gem that is just waiting to be noticed.


coto island

Co To Island

12:45 | 03/04/2015

In fact Co To is an archipelago east of the Van Don Island district of Quang Ninh province. In terms of territorial administration, Co To archipelago is Co To district: area 46.2 km; population over 33,900 people.


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