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Kayaking in Halong bay

Tuesday - 02/09/2014

Kayaking in halong bay vietnam

Kayaking in halong bay vietnam

Kayaking is a kind of paddling, using a kayak to move across water. With thousands islands and isles, calm tides, clean, and emerald green water, Halong Bay is ideal for the activity. Most cruises in Halong Bay offer kayaking. Kayaking will make your Halong trip more interesting, but you should know these tips about kayaking in Halong Bay:

In recent years the types of sport on sea develop fast such as wave surfing, pulling water..We arrange yachting on the bay. It is really attract tourists. There is a large ship takes you and small inflatable canoes to deserted sea areas. Boats are filled with air. Before getting into a kayak, tourist must learn ho to us life jackets, paddles and first aid pack as well as understanding how to attract assistance. Then, you yourself yacht to discover grottoes.


  • Carefully follow the instructions and conditions before kayaking
  • Stay close with other people; remember to warm up before kayaking.
  • Even if you are an experienced kayaker, don’t come too close to caves and karsts. They might suck you in. There are reports of people getting sucked into caves and it took f-rom 30 minutes to hours to rescue them.
  • Never kayaking while being intoxicated. Drinking will dull your sense and might lead to unfortunate accident. There incidents of people drown because of swimming after consuming a large amount of alcohol.
  • Don’t Kayaking for too long, you might get sunburn because of it.
  • Halong Bay water is quiet warm during winter so you can feel free to do kayaking anytime of the year. However, keep yourself warm after you are done with the activity to avoid catching a cold. The temperature during winter can get as low as 10-15 Celsius degree.
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