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How to use Vietnamese currency

currency in vietnam

After topic to share about Halong Bay, we would like to provide you with more useful information of travel, The topic is about Vietnamese currency. The official currency in Vietnam is VND. 

 Almost tourists must use VND to pay everything, sometimes you can use USD or other common currency to pay in some restaurants, tourist attraction, cafes, they still accept. But I think you change and use VND, it’s more convenient for you daily expenses as well as any activities when you come here, the country has an S-shape, stretching from the South China Sea to Ca Mau cape.

 Rate and Currency of VietNam:


vietnamese currency

Rate & Currency picture of VietNam- 500.000 VND ( Five hundred thousand VietNam Dong)

500.000   VND ≈ $ 25  (USD)                                                                                                          

currency in vietnam

Rate & Picture of VietNam - 200.000 VND ( two hundred thousand Viet Nam Dong)

200.000 VND ≈  $ 10 (USD)

100000 vnd

Rate & Picture of VietNam - 100.000 VND ( One hundred thousand Viet Nam Dong)

100.000 VND ≈ $ 5 (USD)

50000 vnd

Rate & Picture of Viet Nam - 50.000 VND ( fifty thousand vietnam dong )

50.000 VND ≈ $ 2,5  ( USD)

20000 vnd

Rate & Picture of VietNam - 20.000 VND ( twenty thousand VietNam Dong)

20.000 VND ≈ $ 1 ( USD )

10000 vnd

Rate & Picture of Vietnam - 10.000 VND ( Ten thousand Vietnam Dong )


5000 vnd

Rate & Picture of Viet Nam - 5.000 VND ( Five thousand Vietnam Dong )


1000 vnd

This is smallest rate : 1.000 VND ( one thousand VietNam Dong )



Foreign currency exchange rate in Vietnam
• 1 Australian Dollar (AUD) = 19.430 VND
• 1 Canadian Dollar (CAD) = 19,090 VND
• 1 Euro (EUR) = 28 898 VND
• 1 Pound (GBP) = 34,951 VND
• 1 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) = 2717 VND
• 1 Japanese Yen (JPY) = 203 VND
• 1 U.S. Dollar = 21 075 VVND

Note: You should pay full attention to the same colour between 50.000 VND and 500.000 VND to advoid using wrongly.


* Currency rate was last updated on: 03/09/2014.
The exchange of foreign currency in Vietnam is quite difficult, so you should exchange at the banks or currency exchange facility, that way you don’t spend too much time to wait, When you want to foreign currency exchange, you remember to take your passport to procedures.
If you want to change a large amount, Western Union is the best choice, it’s bring safety to you. Not only it save cost but also it’s really more convenient for you.
About spending, i think you will be paying such as food, transportation, hotel… in Vietnam is quite expensive. The portion of the cost as travel, entertainment the amount you pay is not too expensive, it fits into your money to pay something to travel.
If you want, I can share any topic about travel in Vietnam for you.

Let’s contact us, we will share for you more interesting information in the next topic


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