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02 Day Halong Bay Deluxe Cruise and FREE Hanoi Street Food – Culture Tour

Almost of tours in the north of Vietnam departing from Hanoi so you often spend a few days in Hanoi before visiting Halong Bay. Therefore we make this tour to ensure your needs and valid your leisure, by enjoying Halong Bay Cruise you have a chance to discover Hanoi cultures, lifestyle of Local, Hanoi Street Foods, Unique System architecture of housings in Hanoi old quarter. 

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02 Day Exploring Halong Bay On Boutique Woody Cruise with Free Hanoi Street Food Walking Tours

Enjoy this Halong Bay tour  you have a chance to learn more Hanoi cuisine and culture by tasting typical food, find out hanoi histories and cultures with our local guide, taking 3 hour to see the hidden part of Hanoi after visiting Halong Bay.

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Halong Bay 2 Day Cruise & Free Street Food Tour

If you arrive in Hanoi on the day ( Arrival time from 6.AM to 5.PM ) this tour is one of the best tour for you to enjoy.Taking Halong Bay 2 day cruise tour you could get an chance to experience Hanoi street food walking tour with us. 

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