3 Days / 2 Nights in hotel on Cat Ba Island

cab ba tours 2

cab ba tours 2

With a visit Halong Bay you will have a chance to visit one more famous destination next to Halong, Cat Ba Island, where you can enjoy alot of activities as kayaking, climming up to the peak of mountain and biking and walking through Cat Ba national pack with sightseeing Monkey island and Lan Ha Bay.

Cat Ba is the largest of the 366 islands spanning 260km2 that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago, which makes up the southeastern edge of Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. Cat Ba Island means "Women’s Island" (Cat meaning sandy and Ba meaning women). Legend has it that many centuries ago, three women of the Tran Dynasty were killed and their bodies floated all the way to Cat Ba Island. Each body washed up on a different beach and all three were found by local fishermen. The residents of Cat Ba built a temple for each woman, and the Island soon became known as Cat Ba..Learn more about Ca Ba Island information:http://halongtourvietnam.org/attractions/cat-ba-island-32.html


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