02 Day Halong Bay Deluxe Cruise and FREE Hanoi Street Food – Culture Tour

halong promotion cruise

halong promotion cruise

Almost of tours in the north of Vietnam departing from Hanoi so you often spend a few days in Hanoi before visiting Halong Bay. Therefore we make this tour to ensure your needs and valid your leisure, by enjoying Halong Bay Cruise you have a chance to discover Hanoi cultures, lifestyle of Local, Hanoi Street Foods, Unique System architecture of housings in Hanoi old quarter. 

  1. Free Hanoi Street Food and Culture Tour
  2. Free Visa to Vietnam


What to Experience:


Halong Bay Cruise

  • Come on board Our Cruise Halong Bay, you will have a chance to enjoy many interesting activities (cooking class, kayaking, swimming, Tai Chi lesson,…) as well as the glorious splendor of Halong Bay. We ensure our customers will have the most memorable vacation where your floating hotel takes you discover scenic wonders of the Bay. Halong Bay Cruise is is a unique cruising experience while you are in Halong Bay.
  • Good service is key. Therefore, we always want to hear from our customers so that we can improve our services and we really value their feedback. We built objective for the future is to continue to provide the best service and develop new products. When joining Halong Cruise, we commit to provide the lowest rates with our “Best Rate Guarantee” and bring you the experiencing you expected. Join us, you will love the experience onboard  halong bay and Hanoi hidden part.


Hanoi Street Food Walking and Culture Tours

  • Meet the street food vendors of Hanoi and Learn about History - Culture of Hanoi - And Unique Lanes in Hanoi Old Quarter
    Enjoy 10 tastings, including recipes from Street Food Cart - Street Food Restaurant

  • There is a rotating menu from day-to-day to represent the variety of delicious options, but tastings might include - but are subject to change - Pho -Rice noodle with beef or chicken -Rice noodles with barbecue pork - rice noodles with snails -steamed rice pancakes rolled with pork and mushroom - pillow-shaped dumplings made of pork, mushroom and vermicelli.- Hanoi Bread - Spring Roll - Sizzling pancake