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   Why book with us? Why do you use our service for your trip to Halong Bay? There are more than one option and it's hard to find a good one. We truly understand your concerns and worries. You desire to have a suitable trip which matches the demand and good for money. As a local provider, we have more than one answer:

1. The best collection

Halong Bay Tours is the collection of the best choices to discover Halong Bay, dedicated to travelers who only want the best. Regardless you are travelling like a couple on honeymoon; a family on holiday; a group of friends on vacation, we could satisfy you all. Get difficulty with booking for a specific cruise; forget it because we have a dozen of alternative choices with similar quality and price.

2. Save time

Easy and fast to find a tour: Our cruises are clearly categorized based on 3 main elements: Level of service, duration and tour type.

- Level of service: Basically, overnight cruises are divided into luxury cruises (5 star rating), deluxe cruises (4 star rating) and superior cruises (3 star rating). The better level you get, the higher price you need to pay. Each cruise offers 2 options: 2-day cruise and 3-day cruise, easy to find on our main webpage.

- Duration: You can also find the tour base on duration. We make it easy to browse with full day, 2-day, 3-day, ...up to 9-day trip.

- Tour type: All the cruises can be done in both forms of private and joining group. Besides big boat, there are also small boats with a limited number of cabins (01 to 04 cabins/boat). This is perfect for couples on honeymoon, family on vacation and a group of friends on holiday. The day trips are available with group tour to save the money or private tour for more privacy. Package tours are the combinations of some destinations in the North of Vietnam. It can be a private package or group one. Just let us know if you cannot find the right one.

Easy and fast booking online: We accept online payment so all you have to do is just some clicks.Easy and time-saving is two things that Halong Bay Tours promises to bring you.

3. Save money

With many year of experience providing travel services in Vietnam in general and in Halong Bay in particular, we have direct contact and good contract with almost Halong Bay cruises and top suppliers. Therefore, we could offer frequent deals and promotion to our all customers.

4. 24/7 support

Our professional and energetic staff is ready to support you 24/7. Every request or question of yours will be replied and satisfied at the earliest.

You can enjoy and know that we are always here 24/7, listen and arrange everything as your desire.

5. Low price guarantee

Here at Halong Bay Tours we are confident to offer you low prices for all products we offer (tours/ cruises/ servies). We gurantee the quality all products on our websites, low price but good service and enjoyable experience.

At Luxury Halong Bay Cruises, we always try to provide the best and better price to customer.

In case you booked a cruise with Luxury Halong Bay Cruises and then you found a cabin that satisfy all the following conditions:

1. Same type

2. Same cruise

3. Same date

4. Same delay and cancelation policy

5. Same payment conditions (Deposit, full pay or nonrefundable…)

At the lower price, we could provide you the cabin you booked for at the price equivalent to that.

As you found the lower price, you can contact us the email [email protected] and provide us the following information: 

Show the email of booking with Luxury Halong Bay Cruises (Included: rate, cabin type, date…)

Provide the website url where you found the better rate and provide a screenshot of our online competitor travel site indicating clearly the cabin availability, same cabin type, same payment conditions and the rates for the same travel period booked with us

IMPORTANT! Show the evidence that out competitor truly offer you the rate which they public not the example or approximate rate.

If you could show enough evidence, after checking all conditions, we would proceed refund you. 

- In case you have not paid for your booking with us, we will directly put a cut on the amount of money you have to pay.

- In case you have paid for your booking already, we would refund you in cash as you came to Vietnam.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply: 

1. The lower price you show us is private price or contract price rather than the online price applied for general public.

2. The lower price you show us is included in a special promotion packages, deals or other extra services.

3. The lower price you show us is discount price applied for groups, membership or frequent customers.

4. The lower price you show us is the example or approximate rate from untruth-worthy website.

Luxury Halong Bay Cruises has the right to solve your claims according to our Best Price Guarantee Policy at that time and reserves the right to discontinue the “Best Price Guarantee Policy” at any point of time.

Blow your price concern; be confident to choose the best suitable cruise for you with Halongtourvietnam.org right now!




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